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Minutes for IPSA Annual Meeting at World Sleep 2023 in Rio

Sunday, Oct. 22 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

1. Current Board of Directors:

Officers: Judith Owens (US); President-Elect Paul Gringras (UK); Secretary Rosemary Horne (Australia); Past President Oliviero Bruni (Italy)

Directors: Saadoun Bin-Hasan (Kuwait); Sarah Blunden (Australia); Kate Chan (Hong Kong); Sharon Keenan (US); Suresh Kotagal (US); Magda Lahorgue Nunes (Brazil); Karoline Lode-Kolz (Norway); Indra Narang (Canada); Monida Ordway (US); Narong Simakajornboon (US); Karen Spruyt (France); Barbara G Stražišar (Slovenia); Guanghai Wang (China)

2. New Board of Directors (2023 Elections)

Officers: President Paul Gringras (UK), President Elect Ron Chervin (US), Past President Judith Owens (US), Secretary Rosemary Horne (AUS), Treasurer Karen Spruyt (FR)

Board of Directors: Candace Alfano (US), Oliviero Bruni (Italy), Shabam Jaliloghadr (Iran), Susana Falardo Ramos (Portugal)

3. IPSA Membership

  • 332 members from 56 countries
  • Annual membership fee: $25 Regular / $15 Student rate

4. IPSA Online 2022

  • 292 delegates from 42 countries
  • 147 presenters from 22 countries
  • 53.25 hours of scientific content

5. IPSA in Rio

2-day IPSA courses were held on Saturday/Sunday October 19th and 20th 2023

  • Making the transition from paediatric to adult sleep clinics in children with chronic sleep disorders - Chair: Narong Simakajornboon MD
  • Establishing a paediatric sleep laborator - Chair: Saadoun Bin-Hasan and Magda Lahorgue Nunes
  • Best practices in pediatric sleep medicine – Chair: Judy Owens MD MPH)

6. IPSA 2024 Glasgow: April 26-28, 2024

The British Pediatric Sleep Society (BPSS) will host the 2024 meeting in Glasgow at the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC)

  • Symposium submission deadline: December 1, 2023
  • Oral abstract and Young Investigator Award deadline: January 15, 2024*
  • Poster submission deadline: March 1, 2024

7. Climate Change and Sleep – Chair: Paul Gringras (UK)

  • Joint statement from IPSA and WSS published in Sleep Medicine April 2023
  • This will be a topic for an upcoming podcast series

8. Melatonin Task Force

Chair Suresh Kotagal (USA)

Lina Marcela Tavera Saldana (Columbia), Indra Narang (Canada), Oliviero Bruni (Italy), Sarah Blunden (Australia), Narong Simakajornboon (USA), Guanghai Wang (China), Samuel Cortese (United Kingdom), Carlos Bolanos (Colombia), Osman Ipsiroglu (Canada), Magda Nunes (Brazil), Barbara Gnidovec Strazisar (Slovenia), Lindsay Jeastadt (USA, coordinator) and Suresh Kotagal (USA; Chair).

Melatonin Initiatives

The symposium on melatonin held at APSS in Indianapolis in June had 400 attendees and was well received.

The manuscript on the use of melatonin in children with developmental delay is in development.

An expert consensus statement on the use of melatonin in healthy typically developing children has also been submitted to the IPSA BOD and members of review.

A webinar on an overview of melatonin use in children and adolescents for health professionals, caregivers and policy makers will be presented live on Monday

November 6, 2023 and posted on IPSA website

Key recommendations from IPSA melatonin Task Force

  • Melatonin use in children with autism/NDDs for insomnia
  • Should be undertaken only under medical supervision
  • Should be used with caution in ages 2 or younger
  • Doses should be conservative and start with lowest dose
  • Clinicians should advise patients and families regarding potential affects
  • The timing of administration is recommended 30-60 minutes before bedtime
  • Reevaluate the need for continued use

9. School Start Times Task Force

Chair: Judith Owens (USA)

Saadoun Bin-Hasan (Kuwait), Scott Coussens (Aus), Michal Kahn (Aus), Karen Spruyt (France), Lindsay Jesteadt (WSS)

School Start Times Action

  • Qualitative IPSA survey is being finalized in brief report format
  • Quantitative IPSA survey to be combined with a recent EU survey
  • Scoping review of past 5 years on school start times change in process
  • Draft global policy statement

10. Policy Committee: Potential additional topics

  • Safety policies in the pediatric sleep lab
  • Transitioning from pediatric to adult clinical care for patients with chronic sleep


  • Taskforce on pharmacological and non- pharmacological management of narcolepsy in childhood.

11. Education Committee Update

Conducted a demographic survey of IPSA members (734 responses)

  • Majority are pediatricians, child neurologists, psychologists, coach/consultants.
  • They remain updated mainly through professional organizations (IPSA, AASM, WSS,ERS) scientific articles and books

Additional activities of Education Committee

  • Insomnia webinar (available through MDPI)
  • Forthcoming periodic webinar sessions
  • Preparation of leaflet on pediatric sleep
  • Educational material for professionals and the public

12. WSS Global Sleep Health Task Force

Urgent need to promote Global Sleep Health

  • Educate: Promote global awareness of sleep health
  • Action: To start a global effort of measuring sleep health on a routine basis as part of routine care (RU_SATED)
  • Policy: To develop sleep health into public health agendas with health equity as a cross-cutting initiative

Adolescent Sleep Health Task Force: Established by WSS in Sept. 2022

Members: Mary Carskadon PhD; Judith Owens MD MPH (IPSA President); Fang Hong MD PhD (WSS representative); Lindsey Jesteadt (WSS)

Advisory group representing the 6 WHO regions is also involved

Task Force to develop an adolescent sleep health statement – proposed key topics:

  • Obesity/cardiovascular and metabolic function; include physical activity
  • Accidental injuries: Road traffic crashes (including increased risk, impaired recovery)
  • Immune function and vulnerability to infection; vaccine response
  • Mental/behavioral health (depression/anxiety, suicide, risk-taking; social media addiction; bullying)
  • Cognition/learning and academic achievement (including graduation/drop out rates)
  • Others: substance/alcohol use; delinquency

13. IPSA Grant

  • Proposals for the 2024 grant are due January 15, 2024 and should address either pediatric sleep clinical research topics or community sleep health education

12. Future Directions

  • Expansion of membership/engagement
  • Membership drive
  • Special Interest Groups
  • New membership survey to update preference for educational content, vehicles

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