Submission deadline: April 15, 2022

The 7th congress of the International Pediatric Sleep Association will be held virtually on October 27-29, 2022. With the call for symposia we invite you to contribute to a high-level scientific program by proposing a sympoium for IPSA ONLINE 2022.

Program Committee suggestions for enhancing the symposium experience for your speakers and audience:

First, we’d love to receive symposia that include younger researchers from your team. It’s great experience for them and we will favourably review such submissions. Second, we are also keen to hear from ‘experts by experience’. This might be parents or young people with lived expertise and who could contribute to your symposium. We are providing an additional ‘special requirements section on the submission form to include any details of such contributions. Finally, although we have no ‘one’ IPSA face to face venue, we encourage you to organize an IPSA Online watch group to bring together colleagues from your university, local sleep society or even country in one place. All you need is a space (eg university lecture theatre) big enough screen and a microphones for questions (and maybe coffee and biscuits…). Please tell us if all your speakers are all in one country and you wish to bring them together to have a ‘live’ panel for your symposium.

Special Notes: 1) At the time of your proposal submission, all speakers must have agreed to participate in the symposium, 2) Upon sympoisum acceptance, all speakers must sign a conflict of interest (COI) form and a consent for recording form. 3) Speakers will be asked to submit a professional headshot for the online platform

Symposium presentations will be pre-recorded and launched simulated live during the virtual event. Speakers will attend the session to interact with attendees via online chat and answer questions.

Please send your proposals by email to Angie Granum at:

Symposia proposals will be accepted by email only and should arrive no later than April 15, 2022.

Download Sympoisa Proposal Form

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