Symposium proposals will be ranked according to scientific and clinical significance, relevance of the topic, timeliness of the research, and broadness of the topic’s appeal. Higher weight will be given to symposia with multi‚Äźnational participation. Symposium submissions MUST:

            • Be focused on a single topic that is relevant and scientifically excellent
            • Be complete (title, summary, learning objectives, and target audience)
            • Include required information for each speaker (title of contribution, first and last name, country, email address, signed speaker release form)
            • Fit into the standard time allocated per symposium of 90 minutes
            • Be received by the International Pediatric Sleep Association September 15, 2020 via email to 

Symposium presentations will be pre-recorded and launched simulated live during the virtual event. Speakers will attend the session to interact with attendees via online chat. Live group discussions will be scheduled immediately after select symposia.


September 15, 2020

Download the Symposium Form

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