S12 Increasing sleep health awareness across countries, ages, and target groups: International advances in sleep education and training


Sleep is the foundation of good health so translation of sleep science from research into practice and from scientist to the community is imperative.  Education is the first step towards sleep behavior change but increasing sleep education and training has been slow across sectors.

This symposium will present data on improvements in sleep education across sectors such as allied health, medical and education sectors. Parent, and school-based sleep education advances will also be presented.

This symposium aims to stimulate discussion about (1) how global efforts to increase sleep education in schools and to parents is increasing (2) how best to deliver sleep education and training to tertiary level medical and allied health professionals including face to face versus online delivery.

Data will be presented from Asia, Australia, Canada, and Turkey.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this CME activity, participants should be able to:

      • Establish innovative ways to promote sleep education to the community through parent and student training to have a greater societal impact
      • Determine the feasibility of online training for allied health professions
      • Discuss recent and/ or innovative methods of delivering sleep education and training
      • Establish diverse methods of sleep education delivery

Target Audience

All sleep technicians, physicians, psychologists, researchers, and health and education professionals, those in public health and epidemiology and all those either working and/or researching or interested in the area of sleep. In fact, anyone interested in disseminating sleep research to community and putting research into practice.


Reut Gruber (Canada)

Teachers: Novel online teacher training and delivery in sleep education

Gabrielle Rigney (Australia)

Parents: Transdiagnostic sleep education to improve child sleep outcomes

Penny Corkum (Canada)

Allied Health: Sleep education for pharmacists, nurses, dentists, and general practitioners in Australia

Sarah Blunden (Australia)

Pediatricians: Theoretical and practical education and training of Turkish healthcare professionals in early childhood sleep problems   

Perran Boran (Turkey)

Governments: Gaining political buy in for sleep education: Challenges and encouragement

Michael Chee (Singapore)

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